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Candida albicans pseudohyphae protect organisms from neutrophil fungicidal mechanisms

Candida albicans pseudohyphae protect organisms from neutrophil fungicidal mechanisms

P.G. Sohnle;  B.L. Hahn; D.K. Wagner

"Experimental subcutaneous Candida albicans infections in mice were used to examine the manner in which this pathogen is cleared in animals recovering from cyclophosphamide-induced leucopenia. In this system, infections at the inoculation sites progressed rapidly during a 6 day period of leucopenia to form arrays of parallel filamentous organisms that effectively isolated those in the interior from contact by neutrophils, even when the leucopenia had resolved. Dense collections of organisms also developed at sites of metastatic infection in the kidneys. A majority of the organisms were found to be viable when they were retrieved from the infected subcutaneous sites of animals that had recovered from leucopenia and whose abscesses had begun to drain spontaneously. Removal of the protective arrays of fungal cells appeared to be accomplished by drainage of abscess contents through the surface of the skin or into the collecting system of the kidney. Drainage of the subcutaneous abscesses did not occur in the cyclophosphamide-treated animals until after the neutrophilic infiltrates had developed, suggesting that this drainage process was mediated by neutrophils rather than by the organisms themselves. In summary, the above findings demonstrate that C. albicans infections in leucopenic hosts may progress to the extent that they would be very difficult to clear solely through the microbicidal processes of returning neutrophils. However, neutrophils also appear to promote the removal of masses of viable fungal cells to the exterior of the body."

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Keywords: Candida albicans pseudohyphae neutrophil fungicidal mechanisms leucopenia drjefftop advanced

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