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In vitro susceptibility of Candida species to lactoferrin

In vitro susceptibility of Candida species to lactoferrin

Y.Y. Xu;  Y.H. Samaranayake;  L.P. Samaranayake; H. Nikawa

"Lactoferrin is an antimicrobial protein present in human mucosal secretions as well as saliva. As there is no information on the relative fungicidal activity of human and bovine lactoferrin, an oral isolate of Candida albicans was studied for its susceptibility to these two proteins. Exposure to a concentration of 20 jig ml-1 of either HLF or BLF at 37 °C inactivated the yeast to the same degree irrespective of the incubation time of 45, 90 or 150 min. A similar study, using 20 jig ml-1 BLF and an incubation time of 150 min, elicited varying anticandidal activity against 35 isolates belonging to six different Candida species. Thus, BLF was fungicidal for the six Candida species in the following decreasing order, C. tropicalis > C. krusei > C. albicans > C. guilliermondii > C. parapsilosis > C. glabrata; the latter being the most resistant. These Candida species also demonstrated significant intra-species variation in susceptibility to the protein (P < 0·05). When the yeast cells exposed to BLF were examined by cryo-scanning electron microscopy, profound cell wall changes such as cell surface blebs, swelling and cell collapse were noted. These findings suggest that lactoferrin, a constituent of saliva, may differentially modulate the carriage of Candida species in the oral cavity."

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Keywords: In vitro susceptibility Candida species lactoferrin antimicrobial protein human mucosal secretions

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