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Most Common Infection of Central Nervous System

Infections of the Central Nervous System

W. Michael Scheld, Richard J. Whitley, Christina M. Marra

The history of candidiasis dates back to the fourth century when Hippocrates, in his book, Epidemics, described oral aphtha (thrush) in two patients with severe underlying disease. A brain abscess caused by Candida species was first reported in 1895, but it wasn't until 1943 that Candida was successfully cultured from a cerebral lesion. Candida remained a relatively uncommon CNS pathogen until the 1960's, when intravenous drugs rendered increasing numbers of patients susceptible to opportunistic infections. A 1978 review of 9,000 autopsies disclosed that Candida had surpassed Cryptococcus as the most common CNS fungal infection.,M1

Keywords: central nervous system, history of candida

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