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An Introduction to History of Candida

In the articles listed in this section, we discover that Candida has been described in literature for close to 2400 years, long before AIDS and the Immunosuppressive medication therapies that medical profession commonly associates its occurrence with. It can be assumed that Candida Albicans has existed possibly for thousands of years prior to its first description. As a polymorphic organism capable of switching back and forth between its yeast, pseudohyphal, and hyphal forms, it has developed advanced abilities to exist under many conditions.

Although cited by Hippocrates in 377AD, it is considered to have first been called Candida Albicans in 1923 by Christine Marie Berkhout. She described the fungus in her doctoral thesis, at the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. With the introduction of antibiotics by the second half of the 20th century, the incidence, as well as the amount of research and interest in Candida Albicans grew exponentially.


Seelig's 1966 paper, "Mechanisms by Which Antibiotics Increase the Incidence and Severity of Candidiasis and Alter the Immunological Defenses" cites 167 research sources on Candida in the 1950s and 60s. Senet's 1997 paper, "Risk Factors and Physiopathology of Candidiasis" lists 156 research sources on Candida Albicans in the 1990s.


What had once been a somewhat rare infection in the human body, has now become the leading fungal infection in humans and the 4th most common hospital infection of the 21st Century, thanks mostly to the pervasive short- and long-term effects of antibiotics.


Included in this section are more sources on the history of Candida.

Dr. Jeffrey McCombs

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