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Astronauts & Candida - Why?

Although some people might be surprised or curious as to why we have included information about astronauts and candida, it's important to point out that NASA has been involved with candida research for years. In the studies that I've analyzed, I've noted some interesting data that applies to the systemic fungal candida infections that affect millions and millions of people around the world today.

First of all, I think that this information is indicative of how little we know about the human body, infectious agents, the world around us as well as the world within us. Candida has many, many triggers that can cause the conversion from the normal yeast form to the pathogenic, problematic fungal form. As these studies indicate, the absence of gravity is one possible trigger. Another trigger can be radiation or the type of radiation that one is exposed to. Finally, the third and I believe the most important piece of data presented is the effect of space travel on our immune systems. As NASA and other international space programs have demonstrated through research and decades of space travel, immune system suppression is enough to facilitate the yeast-to-fungus conversion of candida. This supports other research that demonstrates that immune system suppression alone is enough to allow and facilitate the candida yeast-to-fungus conversion. This is the opposite of the information that the medical and pharmaceutical associations put out that only immuno-compromised individuals (an AIDS patient) get systemic fungal candida. Obviously, astronauts are not immuno-compromised.

Finally, the research establishes that Candida has the potential for harmful overgrowth if the microbial communities were to change. This is supported by recent research.

Dr. Jeffrey McCombs

Keywords: astronauts immuno-compromised immune system immunity health candida fungal systemic overgrowth yeast-to-fungus radiation space travel gravity Beginner

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