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Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC
Your Guide to The Candida Library

Dr Jeff McCombsYour guide to the Candida Library is Dr. Jeffrey S. McCombs, whose purpose in creating the Library is to serve as a bridge between the scientific research and you as the inquisitive consumer.

Dr. McCombs is a third generation graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic (1984). He is licensed in the states of California, Illinois, and Arizona. He is a member of the California and Illinois Chiropractic Associations, the International Association for Specialized Kinesiologists, and the American Holistic Health Association.

His 25 years of ongoing research and practice emphasize addressing the nutritional, environmental, emotional, structural, and biochemical aspects of acute and chronic health conditions in his patients. An innovative forerunner in the continuously evolving fields of advanced healing arts, Dr. McCombs has worked with Olympic and professional athletes, dancers, CEO's, and people from all walks of life.

Dr. McCombs is known around the world for developing The McCombs Plan, a whole body detoxification program designed to eliminate fungal candida, counteract the detrimental effects of antibiotics, and reestablish the normal regeneration cycles of a vital, youthful, and healthy body. His book, LifeForce : A Dynamic Plan for Health, Vitality, and Weight Loss outlines the protocol, which is based on a functional analysis of how the human body interacts in this modern world.

Dr. McCombs welcomes your feedback and contributions to the Candida Library. You may reach him by email here: Click here to contact Dr. McCombs by email. Dr. McCombs is also available for phone consultations, by appointment only, at (888) 236-7780.


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